The BFL Preseason Top 10

The Pilar of the BFL community, Jamie Cooper, decides to showcase the new and improved Top 10 teams of the preseason. After playing, watching and observing each baller online or in person, Jamie is prepared to deliver what he feels to be the top teams going into the 2011 BFL season.

Weekly Updates

In the BFL 2010-2011 season, Jamie will be bringing the muscle of the league in his top 10 weekly update. If you have some issues with Jamie's analysis of the top teams, just go to the forum and sound off. I'm sure Jamie will welcome all blogs to his top picks.

Without further ado:

1. Raiders -------Jamie

2. Saints --------K Stylz

3. Jets ------Cory (Young Gun)

4. Steelers --------Timino

5. Cowboys ---------Donnie

6. Eagles ----------Johnell

7. Bears --------Wink

8. Ravens --------Chat.

9. Redskins --------Ham

10. Giants -----Kwame

11. Falcons ------KA

12. Broncos -----DC

13. Colts --------Kwame

14. Saints -------Vince (Fruitman)

15. Jets ----------Alton

There you have it, Jaime's top 10 preseason picks.... Get at him!!!!!